As a quick note, I feel silly to ask such an obvious question: I cannot make Microsoft Excel 2016 print without any margins!

What I would like to do:

I would like to color the left top of my document with a height of 1 inch. There must not be any margin on the final document (printed or saved as PDF) or it would look ugly.

What I have tried:

  • I set Page Layout, Margins to 0 (top, left, right, bottom, header, footer).
  • I went to Print and tried setting Printer Properties to borderless.

What actually happens:

See the image below what happens in the left top corner of the document in printing preview (and also when I actually print it or save as PDF:


What I have found out:

If a cell has no border, it still uses up some space. But if I put a thick border to the left top cell, the upper margin magically disappears. But on the left of the document, there still remains a very small white margin.

What else?

I honestly don't know how to proceed.


You could insert an image in the top left of the size you require and place it so that it covers the margins.

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