I use the Tabs Outliner plugin in Google Chrome because I like to see my tabs organized hierarchically. The issue I have is that tabs still display in their normal place (horizontally across the top) as well as in the Tabs Outliner window. This wastes space by duplicating data.

Options I've considered

  1. Full screen mode isn't what I need because I still need access the the URL bar. Full screen hides the URL bar, the extension buttons and other elements that I like.

  2. Someone suggested using javascript:window.open(location.href, "detab", "toolbar=0"); window.close(); to create a new window. This looks promising, but, alas, opening a new tab in this "minimalist" window puts that new tab back on a window with tabs (not at all what I'm looking for).

  3. Using another browser is a possibility. I've used Firefox with the "Tree Style Tab" plugin. But sometimes only Chrome is available.

  4. Moving the window slightly off the screen is a possibility, but this is a pretty terrible solution.

  5. Any sort of "boss key" options seem to be out. These don't hide your tabs and let you keep browsing. They give you a new empty window that shows the tab bar. Not a solution.

Nothing that makes the tab bar invisible temporarily will do. If opening a new window or a new tab will make it reappear, that completely defeats the purpose. I want one set of tabs visible and one set only: the Tabs Outliner tabs.

I find horizontal tabs to be pretty obnoxious. Screens have far less vertical space than horizontal, so why use up vertical space with a horizontal bar? The horizontal bar also has no hierarchy, so you can't tell, for example, which page of Google search results opened a given tab.



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