I've been using the program SAP for awhile to write reports and the program has a lot of tedious boxes to tick and pages to go through. One way to speed up the process is using the keyboard to do everything. The only thing I can't manage to workout is how to check a tickbox/checkbox using the keyboard only. I'm able to highlight the box using the 'tab' button but hitting 'enter' completes the entire page, without ticking the checkbox. Is there a way to replicate the mouseclick without using 'enter' and completing the page?


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Usually spacebar key can be used to tick/untick box.

Note: This may depends on the application as pressing space may ends up scrolling your screen. But for now this is your best bet.

  • I logged on and gave this a try - it worked! I swear I had already 'spacebar'... Thanks for your help!!
    – Joshyp00
    Commented Nov 14, 2016 at 5:45

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