I know little bit about color picking software and web based programs. But I want to pick the color and exact gradient pattern.

Is it possible to do so ? For example I want the exact gradient for my circles in MS Powerpoint.

enter image description here

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Color Picker

In PowerPoint 2013 and above you have the Eyedropper tool which allows you to pick the color from an image/shape/etc. (example below)

enter image description here

In earlier versions of Powerpoint you don't have this option, but you can use another software that will tell you the color code. In PowerPoint you can only use the RGB color code, so if you have a HTML or Pantone code you can google for an online converter (e.g. HTML to RGB).

Copy Gradient/Style

If you already have a shape with a gradient in PowerPoint and would like to copy that exact gradient to another shape you can use the Format Painter tool. (image below)

For images is harder to reproduce the exact gradient. You can use a color picker to get the base colors and after just struggle to match that gradient. :)

enter image description here

  • I am familiar with Eyedropper feature but it won't help me with gradient. Format Painter would help me if both of the shapes are designed in Powerpoint, isn't it? I guess otherwise, It's not so helpful when I want to replicate something exactly from different source.
    – alpha189
    Nov 18, 2016 at 9:15

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