I have a recurring problem using Sysprep on our Windows 10 machines. I use Sysprep with an answer file. When I send our windows image on machines with almost the same hardware, everything works perfectly.

However, lets say my source machine is a ASUS and I decide to Sysprep my Windows 10 installation and send it to a HP machine, I get this message:

The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error

after System Startup.

Normally, I can open regedit using Shift+F10 and change the child completion parameter to 3 instead of 1 and it works but I want to understand and fix this error. I never found any reason why I get this error and how to fix it permanently...

Anybody have any ideas?

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After many hours I found the solution. SYSPREP in Windows 10 doesn't like any settings in the specialize phase of the unattended.xml file.

As long as I put nothing in this phase, it works. I transferred the settings declared there to the OOBE system.

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