I installed Ruby 2.3.1, then I installed Ruby on Rails.

The Rails install gives me an older version ruby.exe (2.2.4).

The Rails installer also added the older version of Ruby to the head of my PATH:


so checking ruby -v I get 2.2.4.

I modified the PATH precedence:


..and ruby -v does indeed report 2.3.1)

When I cd into a Rails project and rails s the message tells me I am using 2.2.4 (and as well that I should be using 2.2.5 or 2.3.1. This whether I modify PATH to give 2.2.4 or 2.3.1 precedence...)

I understand rvm and rbenv don't work on windows and pik is no longer supported... C:\RailsInstaller\Ruby2.2.0\bin\ruby.exe

How do I get Rails to work with the newer version of Ruby?


https://chocolatey.org works. There's some buggery involved with compiling nokogiri to work, but otherwise chocolatey addresses my question adequately. See Richard Pecks excellent answer for information on how to successfully compile nokogiri.

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