I have a desktop computer running Fedora 24. I have installed VirtualBox 5.1 and configured a VNC Server to access remotely.

I am able to work with VirtualBox normally directly on the computer. Also I can connect remotely thru VNC (port 5902).

The problem is when I try to work with VirtualBox over VNC, the manager window doesn't show the menus correctly. For instance, when I click on File, the menu is empty

File, Machine and Help are empty

Also when trying to run from terminal in background im getting this error message:

[mario@mario ~]$ echo $DISPLAY
[mario@mario ~]$ VirtualBox &
[1] 10222
[mario@mario ~]$ Qt WARNING: QGtkStyle could not resolve GTK. Make sure you     have installed the proper libraries.
libGL error: unable to load driver: swrast_dri.so
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
  • Run VirtualBox inside the vnc session. – Ipor Sircer Nov 16 '16 at 2:45

I would try running virtual box via the command line using their command line utility: VBoxManage

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