In looking to free space on my system volume. I found this file:


The file is over 15GB in size, but I can't really tell what it comprises.

I see a Downloads in there, so perhaps it has the manuals/documentation that I've downloaded? Can I relocate this bundle, or should I leave it alone?

  • The ~/Library/Caches/ file is 15 GB or just com.apple.dt.XCode is 15 GB, which is located in ~/Library/Caches? – DrZoo Nov 16 '16 at 16:16

It's safe to delete


because Xcode will recreate its caches when needed (it can take some time at first relaunch, though, if Xcode needs to re-download something).

You should not delete the whole


folder, though, because it contains many applications preferences and it wouldn't be safe to delete everything.

To gain more space, you can also delete the obsolete contents of

~/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport/

(for example, the old iOS versions you don't use anymore).

There's also stale Xcode data in


that you can remove safely.

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    Wait, ~/Library/Caches has configuration? I've been occasionally trashing it for months...what kind of configuration is in there? – SilverWolf - Reinstate Monica Oct 19 '18 at 0:57

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