I seem to have encountered a zombie reminder that doesn't want to die. A few weeks ago I had an issue where I had a reminder from weeks gone by pop up in my Reminder window in Outlook 2010. Due in: 2 weeks overdue. Weird, I thought.

So I did the usual 'Dismiss'. 2 seconds later:

"1 Reminder, Due in 2 weeks overdue".

Weird, I thought. So I tried snoozing it.

Not 2 seconds later:

"1 Reminder, Due in 2 weeks overdue".

Ok, this is getting weird. Let's try 'Dismiss All'.

"1 Reminder, Due in 2 weeks overdue".

Fine, fine, you win Outlook. Let's open the item and delete it.

"1 Reminder, Due in **3** weeks overdue".

Ah, now the previous reminder in the series is popping up. Let's delete that one too.

"1 Reminder, Due in **4** weeks overdue".

I ended up having to delete all past occurances of a weekly reminder before the reminder removed itself.

It's now a few weeks later, and what do I see?

"1 Reminder, Due in 2 weeks overdue".

Does anyone know if this is a known bug in Outlook 2010 Beta, where recurring events with reminders start zombifying themselves, and won't stop reminding me they exist til I decapitate (delete) them entirely?

  • I had this issue a couple of months ago, and like you it was a total showstopper for a while. Killing Outlook processes got me out of the loop. Only happened once, never again, and not (yet) on the RTM version – AdamV May 19 '10 at 12:19

If it is still occuring you can always start outlook with the switch /cleansniff which should get rid of duplicate reminders. Worth a try. Then try /cleanreminders to clear and reset all reminders (eg show you all future ones which you have snoozed or dismissed etc). Use switches as part of command to start outlook, eg:

<path to outlook>\outlook.exe /cleansniff

I haven't come across this as an issue with Office 2010. However you can use the Send-a-frown feature to let Microsoft know and post on the Microsoft Office 2010 Tech Preview Forum.

Have you installed Hotfix for ‘Issue with message sizes in Outlook 2010 Beta’ for 32 /64-bit Office 2010 - it's a long shot but you never know.

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