I am trying to run Virtual Box VM inside VMWare VM (Windows Server 2008 64 bit)

I am getting below error on booting virtual box vm.

Stderr: VBoxManage.exe: error: VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX) VBoxManage.exe: error: Details: code E_FAIL (0x80004005), component ConsoleWrap, interface IConsole

I have enabled VT-X virtualization setting on the VMWare VM. and Hyper-V is not installed on VMWare VM (Windows Server 2008).

Also on the Virtual Box - i could see options for installing only 32 bit guests (Even though Windows Server 2008 is 64 bit)

I am not sure what else i could be missing?

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    Check your version of VMWare. Nested Virtualization might or might not be supported in different kinds of scenarios. – Seth Nov 18 '16 at 6:34
  • You have VMware workstation or VMvisor and what version? – vembutech Nov 18 '16 at 9:55

At 2018, VirtualBox does not support nested virtualization. There is a feature request for a while, but it is not implemented nowadays.

According to different reports, nested virtualization are supported to run in other systems. For instance:

William Lam has a blog page with several articles on nested virtualization.

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