Currently if I Add Book to calibre library it adds book by its "book" name not file name.

For example I have downloaded bunch of books which are prefixed by year like "1953 - Some Book", when I add those to calibre library I got "Some Book"

I really want to use it to convert epub to mobi. So after conversion I have physical files which are "Some Book" - the year prefixes are all lost..

Hence I cant read them in correct sequence.

Is there a way to setup Calibre to use physical file names instead?


This question was asked in 2016. Now, in 2019, there does exist a sophisticated feature to customize a book's saved file name and even directory path. Under preferences, look for the section saving books to disk, and see that you are provided with the opportunity to create what they call a "template" to customize the file and directory name by any combination of metadata.

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You must use Calibre to change their original names of the books so that you can get the books with changed name. Otherwise, these convert e-reader tools will identify the books by their real name, not the file names you changed personally.

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    Can you explain to OP how to do it? – yass Mar 30 '17 at 9:23

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