As stated in the title, I have a Lexar 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive that has a 256GB Nand Chip, but the claimed capacity is a mere 32GB. Is it possible to unlock at least half of this space that I am pretty sure is there in the case of bits going bad? The nand chip is labeled "5EC2D" and the Micron Technology FBGA code is "NW657", which refers to a 256 GB chip. If we need the controller chip number, I can possibly get it out. Here is a link to the Micron Page. https://www.micron.com/parts/nand-flash/mass-storage/mt29f256g08ceecbh6-12

And here are some badly taken photos of the flash drive.



I appologize for my stupidity, I completely missed the Gigabit size.....


Specs are 256 Gb which is 256 gigabits or 32 gigabytes.


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