I am looking for a formula to automatically create custom hyperlinks into an excel spreadsheet, based on contents of another cell

I have a list of books where I can get the image from an url database. It's the same URL for all books, just the ISBN number i different.

The numbers are also the ISBN number, so I want excel to create a hyperlink based on the contents of cell A (the numbers in bold).




Hyperlink: https://images.website.com/images/9788700396241.jpg

How can I make excel change the ISBN number in the URL for all rows?


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It's a fairly straightforward solution.

The format is this:

Let A1=9788700396241 =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("https://images.website.com/images/",A1,".jpg"),"LINK")

where A1=root_link, B1=image_name, C1=image extension (.jpg)

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