I've bought a logitech bluetooth 'ipad tablet keyboard' for my windows pc, because I like the look of it.

The escape button is replaced with a key which opens the default browser search. It also has some issues where the hash key is missing, and there's no delete key.

I have circumvented these using a combination of 'KeyTweak', 'SharpKeys' and 'AutoHotkey' however none of these can stop that media button opening the browser.

Anyone know a way to fix this?


In your case I'm assuming there is no intermediate Logitech program detecting/assigning these keys such as the Logitech SetPoint program (which may be another way to go, if one of the stock Logitech programs will let you re-assign the keys)

In AutoHotkey you should be able to make a hotkey to reassign it to Escape

Browser_Home::Send {Escape}

Or reassign it to nothing


The button name may not be Browser_Home though, depending on the keyboard setup... the best way to determine this is to open AutoHotkey once a script is running (use the icon in the tray) and then View > Key History. Press the media button and then refresh the key history to see what key it registered as--that should allow you to reassign it correctly.

To see the full list of keynames supported (such as Browser_Home, Launch_Media, Launch_App1, etc.), look up the key list topic in help.

If you can view the key history correctly but still can't get a script to remap the button properly, post the relevant excerpt of the key history as an additional comment or update to your post.

  • Browser_Home worked, i'd been trying to assign to the key number directly. Thanks! – userqwert Nov 24 '16 at 12:01

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