Is there any software available for windows where I can specify the copy order or priority of folders.

I come across this situation when I am taking backups and one of my hard drives is failing and my most important data is kept in 5 to 10 folders and the less important is in other folders so I need to tell the software that copy the important folders first then the less important ones.

More than copy I think the right word here would be sync, something like what Robocopy does.

I don't think Teracopy has this feature but I'd be happy if I'm proven wrong.

I'm open to suggestions.


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If your hard drive is failing, stop using it and replace it.

I would likely try to create a VHD copy of the drive using disk2vhd. Or completely pull it offline until I had a new copy and then use a program like RawCopy (free, limited to 2TB and less drives) to copy the disk to the new one.

Continuing to use a failing drive other than trying to get data off it is just foolish in my opinion.

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