I can easily access my localhost via latest Firefox(updated a minute ago) if it has no query string in it. See below enter image description here

But I want to send some parameters in query string ...

See this

enter image description here

It only allows me to search on Google. I want to hit that URL on localhost.

I have applied this solution and restarted FF. But no use.


Do I have to switch my OS? :P

  • Relevant Info: URL Syntax – “The path must begin with a single slash (/) if an authority part was present” – Daniel B Nov 24 '16 at 11:47

Firefox appears to require either the scheme to be specified, or the path to be non-empty, when query is present:

  • localhost:5000/?foo=bar

  • http://localhost:5000?foo=bar


Well, take a look at Google's query:


If we just change google's domain to its ip it becomes:

So try this way:



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