On OSX 10.10 I created a plist file in /Library/LaunchDaemons/ to start at launch an OpenVPN connection. However I encountered DNS problems when going from an internet interface to another (as WiFi to LAN Network) and thought that I needed to restart my OpenVPN daemon with launchctl to fix it.
But with this method I need to go to a console, type a monstrous launchctl's command with sudo and, of course, type my admin password.

I can't find this method optimized, so I would love to know another way to restart my daemon without typing anything or less !


  • I've found debugging an Agent in $HOME/Library/LaunchAgents is easier for the reasons you stated. After you're finished, don't forget to change permissions and launch with sudo when moving it back to /Library/LaunchDaemons. – anon01 Jun 27 '17 at 19:14
  • @ConfusinglyCuriousTheThird Thanks for the tip, however I don't really know what I would debug as I only need to restart my daemon or find a better way to handle interface change with OpenVPN ! – PaulCo Jun 28 '17 at 9:02

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