My program prints out a . (without newline) every 100 ms to indicate progress. When running it on a remote machine via ssh, however, I cannot see the output before a newline is printed. I tried it on Cygwin and on Ubuntu.

Is there a way to make ssh display output before the line is complete?


The problem is usually output buffering by your program, or more accurately by an IO library or run-time that your program uses. Specifically line-buffering.

Unbuffered IO is much less efficient, which is why it is not used by default.

Programming languages often have a way of specifying unbuffered output. Since it usually depends on what STDOUT is connected to it is also affected by OS environment settings.

See also stdbuf

  • Awesome! prepending stdbuf -o 0 to the command did the trick. Thx – jederik Nov 24 '16 at 16:59

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