listen to music broken

Here is a screenshot of where Listen to Music appears. I cannot click it, it simply does nothing if clicked. Alternately while in Playback Devices > Sound I cannot right click and press "connect".

Why can't I click this operation?


It now works!

listen to music works!

Ultimately I've found this to be a driver-related issue. If you've tried everything else try this:

  1. Figure out whose Bluetooth hardware you are using. In my case I'm using Intel-based hardware.

  2. Go to their website and download/install the latest drivers available. In my case the latest drivers did not fix the problem. I actually had to use the older Bluetooth drivers installer.

    • I downloaded and installed the Intel Driver Update Utility
    • Once the utility is open click Scan
    • Try the Latest drivers and if that doesn't fix it, try the Older drivers

      Older Drivers Tab

As noted above I ended up having to use the Older drivers tab as seen in the image.

Everything works great now!

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