I have a Dell Vostro 3350 Laptop with switchable graphics capability. It has two graphic cards:

  1. Intel HD Graphics 3000
  2. AMD Radeon HD 7470M

I downloaded the driver of two cards from Dell's official download center and installed successfully. Now when I connect the adapter cable, my laptop use AMD card automatically and then I disconnect it, my laptop use Intel card. I wan't to use Intel card in any situation. There isn't any option in Catalyst Control Center to force to use only one card. Any solution?


This solution works on every dell laptop with switchable graphic cards.

  1. Go to Catalyst Control Center and use second method (Choosing graphic card base on power source).
  2. Go to Power Option of Windows and choose your Power Plan (e.g Balanced) and go to its advanced settings
  3. Find Switchable Graphics Settings and select Power-saving Graphics all options under it. Click OK to save changes. (See below)

enter image description here



Assuming this is the same as HP's with similar configurations, and if the proper drivers are loaded, you should have three Switchable Graphics property options in CCC.

Navigate to Power - Switchable Graphics Global Settings... Remember that these settings are over-ridden by application specific settings, except in the case of "Force Power Saving Graphics" is set. Here you can set the graphics options to use based on battery or A/C power connection.

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