I have searched around online and cannot seem to find an adequate answer to my question.

Every once in a while, I accidentally press some key combination on my keyboard that makes my cursor turn from the regular thin vertical line to a blue box that acts and behaves the exact same as the regular cursor but looks different.

(Screenshot of the irregular cursor)

Since this only affects the cursor while I am in Google Chrome, I assume it is a setting in Chrome, but I don't know. It also appears to be a problem isolated to one tab at a time, which to me is baffling.

It annoys me and the only way I know of to make it go away is to restart my computer.

Thanks in advance!

  • Hey, have you tried pressing the "Insert" key on your keyboard? It's usually located near the "Home" and the "Delete" buttons. Hope this works for you! – Bungicasse Nov 28 '16 at 13:53
  • Yes. @Bungicasse That worked. Make it an answer and I will mark it correct. Thank you!! – ifconfig Nov 28 '16 at 21:51

You want to press the "Insert" key on your keyboard - It's usually located near the "Home" and the "Delete" buttons. This will make the cursor back to normal again.


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