I've just bought a new Macbook Pro with the new "Control Strip". I know that I can create a shortcut on Control Strip to lock my screen but I don't want to waste the gap with it (we are only allowed to use 4 shortcuts with the regular control strip).

What I need is to create a shortcut such as the old
Ctrl+Shift+Eject (this macbook doesn't have the Eject key) or
Ctrl+Shift+Power (nor the Power key).

What tips could you guys give me?


Open Automator

  • Create a new system service
  • Select Service Receives No Input
  • Drag the Start Screen Saver item into the workflow
  • Save it as "Start Screen Saver"

In the Keyboard pref pane

  • Select the Shortcuts tab
  • Select the Services category
  • Scroll to the General section at the bottom
  • Give your new service a keyboard shortcut

In the Security and Privacy pref pane

  • Select the General tab
  • Select Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver starts

This is an old topic but I came across it and had another answer.

Open KeyChain Access (under Utilities)

Under Preferences is an option to "Show keychain access in menu bar."

This adds a lock icon to the clock area. Clicking it shows "Lock Screen." It immediately locks the screen without having to change system settings.


As well as @teppic's answer, you could set up a hot corner in Screen Saver preferences to activate the screen saver if you move the mouse pointer to a corner (I use the bottom left corner), and then just swipe to that corner when you're leaving your computer unattended.


Use this hotkey to lock your screen (lock your computer):


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