I want to rewrite a url containing a specific variable path, for one specific user ip only.


Should become:


However, if there is another path following the /variable path it should remain unchanged. So the following url should stay the same:


I have tried the following code

 if ($http_x_forwarded_for = xxx.xxx.x.xx) {         
           rewrite ^/(.*)$ http://domain.com/$1/system redirect;

However, when running this code it seems to get an a loop, resulting in

http://domain.com/variable/system/system/system/system ....

I understand what goes wrong, but I do not know how I can easily / correctly fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your (.*) captures the / character too. You need to exclude it to prevent a loop.


rewrite ^(/[^/]+)$ $1/system redirect;

See this useful resource on regular expressions.

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