In OpenOffice Calc (and LibreOffice Calc), the first letter of each cell is auto-corrected to be capitalized.

Is it possible to prevent this, without affecting the behavior of the other applications in the office suite?

  • I need this too. I need to enter a bunch of passwords and it's messing them all up! It's super annoying! I already turned off all the options under Tools > Autocorrect > Options! – Chloe Oct 3 '17 at 2:56

I am using LibreOffice Calc from r5.1.6.2

In the menu, under Tools --> AutoCorrect Options --> Options I found the setting Capitalize first letter of every sentence was selected. De-selecting this option resulted in the behaviour you and I are looking for.

Before I applied the same fix as you, I had previously gone into Tools --> Options --> Language Settings --> Writing Aids --> Options and de-selected Check spelling as you type and Check uppercase words, with no effect. Otherwise I have no explanation for why my fix worked and yours did not.

Of course, this means that you and I will have to remember to capitalize the first letter of every sentence we type in Writer, but I had that habit drilled into me for so many years that I deeply doubt I will care.

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