After upgrading to Sierra I cannot seem to locate shutdown causes via Console. Has anyone been able to find previous shutdown causes or an alternate option possibly with the command line (e.g. grep).

In earlier versions of macOS I could search "Sleep" and "Shutdown" and see their corresponding code.


  • shutdown cause: 3
  • shutdown cause: 5
  • sleep cause: -128

I could compose the right command to display the shutdown causes in Sierra:

log show --predicate 'eventMessage CONTAINS "shutdown cause"'

The precise meaning of the codes is not publicly documented, although according to @grgarside's website for Shutdown Causes, the causes for the ones listed in the question are:

  • 3

Hard shutdown. Check power button.

  • 5

Correct Shut-Down. Shutdown was initiated, from the OS X Shut Down menu or other shutdown commands. This normally does not indicate an issue with your system.

Here are a number of questions related to other shutdown causes:

For a full up-to-date list, see Shutdown Causes.

If you've got negative numbers very often, Apple is more keen to get your Mac to the repair, as it usually indicates problem with your hardware.

General suggestions in case of further problems:

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