I have resinstalled my Windows 10 and now can't run Oracle Virtual Box guest OSes in 64 bit.

There is no bitness setiing in VB anymore

enter image description here

Guest OS has 32-bit prefix now:

enter image description here

Althoug image is 64 bit.

Error messages vary, most often is just black screen. If run Ubuntu installer, it explicitly fails due to bitness.

I have 64-bit host OS.

enter image description here

I have Hyper-V diabled in Windows:

enter image description here

I have Intel Virtualization enabled in BIOS.

I didn't find any VT-d setting in BIOS.

enter image description here

What can be wrong?

  • "Correct" option was in unexpected place. I said that, virtual machines were existing already. It is strange that everything was saved in their profiles except bitness and the bitness was not in settings, but in OS dropdown. – Dims Dec 4 '16 at 20:52
  • First you said, that you judge "based on my answer", now you say it was "always" that. Okay. – Dims Dec 5 '16 at 7:38


It was enough to set 64-bit here:

enter image description here

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