Is there a simple utility to quickly convert a sequence of images (I have 3) to an animated GIF with some settings, like time delay? I need to convert a couple of such sequences with the same settings.

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  • Which operating system should the utility run on ? – Dominik Mar 2 '10 at 19:19

UnFREEz is a high-speed Windows application that will take any number of images, saved as separate GIF files, and create a single animated GIF from those images.

alt text

UnFREEz is freeware and portable, it doesn't require installation.

  • It's almost what I wanted. Thanks! – Sergei Basharov Mar 2 '10 at 19:22

You can use the convert utility which is part of ImageMagick ( http://www.imagemagick.org/ )


If you want to automate this process, then gifsicle. It's also useful for reducing size of GIFs.


I guess you can do this with this software:


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