I have tried to play .ram files with Windows Media Player and MPC-HC x64 to no avail. It seems the only way I can play these files is by installing Real Alternative, with its own separate instance of Media Player Classic and then use that Media player Classic to play them.

Is there a way to play the .ram files with the MPC-HC that I already have installed without having to install a separate Media Player Classic?

UPDATE: I ended up installing Real Alternative. However, once I did that, I was able to play the .ram files with either Media Player Classic which came with Real Alternative or with MPC-HC X64. I then uninstalled Real Alternative, and the functionality did not go away. I guess MPC-HC was missing some codecs or something.

  • You can probabaly use a real alternative filter with MPC-HC and enable it to play .ram files. One lazy method is to get K-lite codec pack, standard and mega should have the filters included with MPC-HC. – Peter Dec 8 '16 at 4:46

I must be a bit old fashioned as I still use MPC (non-HC), so I haven't tested this solution.

But from my reading, the 32 bit version may have better luck than the x64 version, see codecs.forumotion.

MPC-HC should be able to play the file without installing RA+MPC:

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