I just experienced a failed video driver installation for Intel HD Graphics driver on Windows 10.

The failed ones are still shown as the compatible hardware. See below:

enter image description here

I have rolled back to the old 10.18.15. But I don't want to keep the 20.19.xx ones. So how to remove them?


You can remove the old drivers with pnputil.exe

  • run pnputil -e > C:\drivers.txt

    enter image description here

  • open the file drivers.txt and look which .inf file is associated with the driver you want to remove

  • run pnputil.exe -d oem<NUMBER>.inf

This removes the driver correctly. If this is too complicated, you can use the tool DriverStore Explorer [RAPR]

enter image description here

Click on enumerate, select the driver and click on Delete Package.

If you want to export your currently drivers you can use DISM

DISM /Online /Export-Driver /Destination:C:\destpath

OK, I figured it out. Take the steps below:

  1. Install the driver you want to uninstall.
  2. Right click the device and select Uninstall from the context menu.
  3. Check the Delete the driver software for this device in the pop up window.
  4. Reboot (as necessary)

Below is what it looks like after I kill one of the 20.19.xx driver.

enter image description here

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