I'm running Ubuntu 16.10 on VirtualBox version 5.1.10 with installed latest guest additions. My host system is Ubuntu 14.04 with graphics adapter:

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 530 (rev 06)

According its specifications it supports OpenGL up to version 4.5 on Linux. My guest system graphics adapter is shown as:

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Graphics Adapter

According to glxinfo my current OpenGL version on guest system is:

> glxinfo | grep OpenGL
OpenGL vendor string: Humper
OpenGL renderer string: Chromium
OpenGL version string: 2.1 Chromium 1.9
OpenGL shading language version string: 1.30
OpenGL extensions:

How to upgrade graphics driver on guest system to newest OpenGL version possible?


Short answer: you can't, at least with VirtualBox.

According to the manual (link below), only OpenGL 2 is supported through the VirtualBox virtual graphics adapter. It seems that the supported version is actually now 2.1, but I can't find a reference to anything more recent than that.

[20] OpenGL support for Windows guests was added with VirtualBox 2.1; support for Linux and Solaris followed with VirtualBox 2.2. With VirtualBox 3.0, Direct3D 8/9 support was added for Windows guests. OpenGL 2.0 is now supported as well. With VirtualBox 4.1 Windows Aero theme support is added for Windows Vista and Windows 7 guests (experimental)


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