I'm currently using Intellij IDEA with IdeaVim. Sometimes when I type the type screen freezes (like you do in vim with Ctrl+S) but Ctrl+Q is not working. When i restart IntelliJ idea it works again...

I searched on web but there is always someone asking do you use IdeaVim? but they do not say what to do if the answer is yes. There should be a better way than restarting. Thank you...

Using Ubuntu (GNU Linux) Intellij Idea 16

  • What OS do you use ? – Anton Dozortsev Dec 12 '16 at 17:14
  • @AntonDozortsev Linux – cagince_ Dec 13 '16 at 20:45

This is known bugs:

And someone found a workaround. Add below line a the top of the idea.sh file:

export XMODIFIERS=""

Hope this will help you.

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    Mine was caused by IBUS links were enough to solve the problem, Thank you. – cagince_ Dec 16 '16 at 7:12

Turn off Vim Emulator from Tools in the intelliJ:

enter image description here


This workaround seems help

In top menu -> Help -> Edit Custom VM Options...

add this 2 lines at bottom


then restart IDE

P/S: My environment: Ubuntu 20.04, PhpStorm 2019.1

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