I want to make a comma-delineated list of all the Cells with an adjacent column of a specific value.

I have one sheet like this:


       A          B     
1 |Entity    | Attribute
2 |Car       | Brand
3 |SUV       | Clearance
4 |Truck     | Clearance
5 |Truck     | Height
6 |SUV       | Length

I'd like to list all the A-Column values where a specific Attribute shows up. For instance:


         A           B
  1 |Attribute  |Entities  |
  2 |Clearance  |SUV,Truck |

I know I can use VLOOKUP to get one of those values like this:


But is it possible to produce a list of matching cells?

  • Take a look at this link There is also further down an example for a comma delimited list. But you'll first need a place for the looked up values and gather them afterwards. – LotPings Dec 10 '16 at 23:09

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