Where can I disable super_L key (windows key) opening KDE menu?

Or where can I change this shortcut?

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In KDE Plasma 5.8, the super/win key is also used to trigger the launcher, when pressed and released without combining it with another key. To disable the feature,

  1. put this into ~/.config/kwinrc:

  2. then reload the window manager (kwin), either by logging out and logging back in, or with with this command:

    qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin reconfigure

Equivalently run this

kwriteconfig5 --file kwinrc --group ModifierOnlyShortcuts --key Meta ""


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    Addition: configuration should be reloaded after that. To reload configuration, run kwin_x11 --replace or just log out and log in.
    – Sasha
    Nov 10, 2018 at 10:52
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    Addition: kwriteconfig5 --file kwinrc --group ModifierOnlyShortcuts --key Meta "" command can be used instead of editing the config file manually.
    – Sasha
    Nov 10, 2018 at 10:53
  • Confirmed working in KDE Plasma 5.18.5 on Manjaro. (Just in case someone thinks it's outdated because the answer is from 2016.) Jul 3, 2020 at 7:17
  • 2
    Confirmed to work in Kubuntu 22.04, using command from @Sasha you don't need to logging back.
    – Eneko
    Jun 23, 2022 at 9:16
  • still working 2023, arch linux / KDE plasma. Thanks for solution, this was a major annoyance
    – carpii
    Feb 12 at 21:43

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