In excel, can I select cells in a random fashion using the CTRL key and a left click on the mouse and then have the sum of those cells placed in another cell?

Typically, I select a sequence of cells, like a1-a5 and press autosum and it puts the sum in a6, or a1-e1 and it puts the sum in f6. These cells are seqeuential in nature.

Instead of sitting on a6 and writing the formula a1+a2+a3+a4+a5.


Yes. In the cell you want the results, type =SUM(, then use the Ctrl and left click to select the cells you want to SUM. Excel will add the commas.

When done, type the closing ) and press Enter or Tab.

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Yes you can, but each cell needs to be comma separated. So your formula will look like this in the end =SUM(A1,B2,C3)

  • Select the cell where you want to display the sum.
  • Type =SUM(
  • Now click a cell you want to SUM, add a comma, click the next cell, add a comma, and so on...
  • Type ) to complete the formula.


CharlieRB is right, Excel will automatically add the commas. So just click the cells you want to SUM.

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