I have a linux ext2 partition and a windows 7 partition. Unfortunately the windows 7 partition is at the end. I was thinking about possibly trying to use a linux tool to resize the partitions and take 40GB away from linux.

enter image description here

Any recommendations on the safest option?

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    Everybody talking about GParted and nobody is mentioning CLONEZILLA! Before working with GParted make a full clone of your disk. It should work with GParted when you only resize. I deleted a partition and increased windows and the MBR couldn't be found anymore, because the SDAX partition number changed. MAKE A BACKUP! Dec 15, 2016 at 13:26

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GParted is fine. Boot from the live CD (either GParted's own, or something like Ubuntu), shrink Linux rootfs, and move & grow the Windows partition.

If GParted for some reason doesn't allow growing C:, it should be enough to just move it leftwards via GParted, and use the pictured diskmgmt.msc to resize (grow) it.


try resize2fs as well. https://access.redhat.com/articles/1196333 But first, ensure a backup of your Linux volume exists and is updated and storage on separate storage.

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