I'm trying to sort a Month value (e.g. Dec-16) in a date dimension using a Month Sort column. I can set the sort by column in the data model no problem but when I use the Month value in a pivot table it is sorting alphabetically

  • The month sort column is of data type & format a whole number
  • The date dimension is set as a date table
  • The cardinality between month value & month sort is 1:1
  • I have refreshed the model & pivot table
  • I have fiddled around with the sorting of Month Value (A>Z,Z>A etc.)
  • I'm using the latest build of Excel 2016 (7571.2072)

I've done this hundreds of times in SSAS Tabular & Power BI but not recently in PowerPivot. What could I be missing?



I had the same problem, I couldn't find any direct solution for it, so I just added another column to the sorting table with the numbers from 1-12 and then sorted the Pivot table by that numbers A>Z. My sorting table was a linked table to a support sheet in the workbook. If you found any other solution, please let me know.

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