There are many answers about how to add a directory to $PATH. However, I am looking for a way to add it to a path temporarily.

For example, when running a script as sudo, not all scripts have the full directory path, and I would like to add it for one instance, so that the script can run.

  • A wrapper script that adds the directory to path, runs the script you want, and then removes the directory from path would probably work. – music2myear Dec 20 '16 at 17:26

A good approach to this is to include paths in the script commands. So rather than

ip addr

You would instead have

/sbin/ip addr

This removes the reliance on the path having the right entries. You can update the path variable in a the script, and it will only exist for the script and any child processes, and revert once they terminate.

export PATH=$PATH:/sbin

This adds /sbin to the existing path.


The env command does exactly what you want:

env variable=value command

For the duration of command, $variable is set to value, but the current shell environment is unaffected, and is retained on subsequent commands.

In your case you would want something like:

env PATH=/sbin:$PATH command

Note that env is an external command, so unexported variables and aliases are not accessible while command is running.

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