I have worked my way into a corner, trying to configure Kodi.

Background: Brand new NAS, AS6104T. Installed Kodi, to allow spouse to watch her TV dramas on Youtube. The shows are from Thailand, so a Thai font is essential.

Connection to Youtube was made, but - all Thai characters were replaced by meaningless rectangles. So, I went to the configuration menu, and selected THAI as the main language. The system said "changing to Thai"... and when it finished, EVERYTHING was meaningless rectangles.


  1. I can't guess which set of rectangles to select, to change the font back to English.
  2. Logically, Kodi keeps this in a file setting - but the ASUS NAS keeps Kodi as an "app" which is not visible to the user. Saves them from people rummaging through the files, but leaves me in a pile of trouble.

Does anyone know the steps I can BLINDLY follow, to go through the unreadable menu system and reconfigure the language?

Does anyone know how to access the Kodi "App" files on an ASUS NAS?

Or - do I need to remove Kodi and re-install?


Working from the main menu:

  1. Selecting the last menu item to the right. When the text is readable, this is the "Systems" menu.

  2. In the sub-menu that appears, select the first itemon the LEFT ("settings"). Hopefully, you now see another menu, along with a picture of a couple of gears.

  3. The top item in this menu is the nect selection ("Appearance")

  4. Almost there - in this last menu, the top item is "skin" and the SECOND item is "International".

  5. At the top of the drop-down list that appears to the right, is the LANGUAGE setting. Click on this, and select a language from the drop-down list.

This got me a readable, functional setup. The original fault persists: Text in Thai gets converted to squares / rectangles.

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