We have a Konica Minolta 4695mf on a local domain network. No printers added by GPO or scripts at this time. I have removed all printer shares from PCs, so I am reasonably certain that its only exposure is the device itself. In the Windows 10 GUI, when I choose 'Add a printer or scanner', the 4695mf's name pops up and I can install it without trouble. Print Management shows that its driver date is 2013. There are more recent drivers on the Konica website, presented as just INF files. Question : When Windows 10 adds the printer driver, where is it sourcing the driver? Is it downloading from the printer itself, a Microsoft repository, Konica (unlikely), or the domain controller? The DC doesn't have the 4695mf driver loaded in Print Management.

  • Windows 8 changed the way printer drivers worked. This feature carried over into Windows 10. The printer driver model changed in numerous ways with the release of Windows 8. – Ramhound Dec 16 '16 at 18:27
  • Thanks. Any resources I can use to get a clear picture? Googling yields a lot of noise thus far. – Christopher Hostage Dec 16 '16 at 19:52

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