I have a folder share in Azure file storage that was working beautifully. I have connected several Windows 10 computers using the net use command and it is working without a problem. I had a user who is running Windows 7 contact me stating they could not get connected to the folder share, it kept giving them "Access Denied".
Is mapping a folder share as a network drive only a function of SMB 3.0 or is there a way to get Windows 7 computers connected?

Thanks in advance!


According to your description, your Windows 7 is on-premises PC client. An on-premises client application only supports SMB 3.0. However, Windows 7 only supports SMB 2.1. On-premise Windows 7 could not mount Azure File Shares. More information please refer to the article

  • Your interpretation of my description is correct. That's unfortunate news, however that is what I figured the problem was. Need to upgrade Windows 10! – msindle Dec 19 '16 at 3:32

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