For example in File1.txt I have a list of strings like so:

Red| Orange| Yellow| Green| Blue|

And in File2.txt I have a list of strings like so:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

I would like to produce a File3.txt with this effect.

Red|Monday Orange|Tuesday Yellow|Wednesday Green|Thursday Blue|Friday

Currently I am using Notepad++ v7.2.2 (32-Bit).


Okay I found a solution albeit a kind of a roundabout way of doing it.

First I took my data from File1 and put it into an excel spreadsheet and organized it so one line uses one row.

Then I did the same thing for the data from File2 ,but put it into the second column.

I then Selected my two rows of data, copied them, and pasted them to File3.

For my specific case I had to do a regex find and replace /t to remove extra tab spaces that were added.

I still would like to know if notepad++ has the capability to do what I want thought. Instead of having to use a silly excel sheet.

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