I've had the same KVM setup between two of my computers for years and today noticed that once I switch out of my Windows 7 one, next time I come back in the Logitech keyboard refuses to work. The accompanying Logitech mouse continues to work as normal.

Setup as follows:

  • ATEN 2 port KVM switch with only the mouse & keyboard connected (each machine has it's own dual screens)
  • Windows 7 dual core box connected to hd monitors
  • Older Debian box with it's own non-hd dual screen setup.
  • Logitech media keyboard 600 and mouse.

The keyboard works fine the first time I switch to them (and did so everytime I switched from one to the other for years). The Debian box continues to work with the keyboard after every switch. When I switch back to the Windows 7 box from today it seems, All standard keyboard buttons refuse to respond. Although the special Logitech keys for quick launch, volume control, etc. do work as normal.

Why would the keyboard suddenly disable itself on windows only after a KVM switch?


What model of the Aten KVM switch you have ? I wonder that if the KVM switch did not meet the Windows 7 USB hot-plug checking requirement.

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