Recently I had to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch on a new drive. This incidentally resolved a different problem I was having with the Sticky-Note widgets. But I realized that now the ... is missing from the widget menu-bar, so I can no longer choose the background colour for any of my sticky notes. I know notice the feature is suddenly missing on my Windows 7 machine at work. So I wonder if this has been caused by a recent Windows Update. Has Microsoft (either intentionally or accidentally) removed this feature from Sticky Notes? Is there a Windows configuration option or registry setting to restore this?

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On my Win 10 machine I have tried using the "Reset" feature for the app (via Start > Settings > System > Apps & Features) but it did not solve the problem.


My first suggestion was indeed an attempt to use the "Reset" feature built in to try and resolve the issue. However, you may have actually reinstall sticky notes itself.

Reinstall Sticky Notes app using PowerShell

  1. Open Start Menu or Taskbar Search and type PowerShell.

  2. Right-click on Windows PowerShell and select “Run as Administrator”.

  3. In PowerShell window, type or paste the following command and then press Enter key from the keyboard.

Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers

  1. Look for Sticky Notes entry and once you find it, copy its PackageFullName by selecting it and then using Ctrl + C hotkey.

  2. Execute the following command to uninstall Sticky Notes app from your computer.

Remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName

From the above command, replace PackageFullName with the actual PackageFullName which you have already copied in the previous step.

  1. Now, Sticky Notes from your Windows 10 operating system has been removed successfully.

Close the PowerShell.

  1. Open Windows this link and click Get the app button to open Windows store.

  2. From the Windows Store, click Free button to reinstall Sticky Notes app on your computer.

Option two:

Reinstall Sticky Notes app in Windows 10 using IObit Uninstaller

  1. Download IObit Uninstaller.

  2. Launch the program and from the left pane, click Windows app.

  3. Right-click on Sticky Notes app to uninstall and select Uninstall option.

Once again install the Sticky Notes app from Windows official store.

You may view the method here, which is what I listed above.


I was able to restore the background colour (...) menu in Windows 10 applying an software update in the Microsoft Store.

Open the Microsoft Store app, search for "Microsoft Sticky Notes". On the app page, click the Update button.

But I have not resolved the problem on my Windows 7 machine so far.

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