I have an ISO CD image file and want to extract it's contents to a folder. I know there are ways to mount the image and stuff, but it's complicated.

I'm looking for a GUI tool to open up the contets and extract needed files. On windows I would use WinRar to do this. K3B only allows me to burn the stuff, Arch does not work with ISO files :(

Is there a similar tool on Linux, preferably from KDE world?


AcetoneISO will let you extract ISO contents and works under GNOME and KDE.

alt text

It requires kommander to be installed. Full install directions can be found here.

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    Voted up for best answer. Similar but inferior programs: kiso, ISOmorphin, isomaster, furiusisomount and, as KIO slave, kio_iso – daxim Mar 3 '10 at 21:02

I believe mounting the iso is the best way to go, mount it and copy the files that you want, the command is:

mount -o loop disk1.iso /mnt/disk

keep in mind that you can create a shortcut, scripts or even a shell extension (right click menu) to run the above command for you.



Try "isomaster". I use it in Debian Squeeze.


I used ArchLinux with kde complete DE and as I can remember it would be enough to click on the iso image to get it auto-mounted: am I wrong?

  • Not working here on Arch + KDE 4.4. – extropy Mar 6 '10 at 16:02

Under Fedora and Gnome i done in once with gvfs. gvfs-archive must do it. may be gvfs-fuse +fuse-iso


The Gnome File Roller did the job perfectly. Too bad Ark (KDE compress/decompress tool) has no ISO support.

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