The best resolution of my monitor is 2560*1440, and the maximum resolution of my current VNC Viewer is just 1920*1200:
enter image description here I want to change the resolution, but unfortunately it doesn't work:

$ vncserver :6 -geometry 2560*1440
vncserver: geometry 2560*1440 is invalid

How can I change the resolution of VNC Viewer in Arch Linux?


I find answer myself:
(1) Modify ~/.vnc/config file:

## Supported server options to pass to vncserver upon invocation can be listed
## in this file. See the following manpages for more: vncserver(1) Xvnc(1).
## Several common ones are shown below. Uncomment and modify to your liking.
# securitytypes=vncauth,tlsvnc
# desktop=sandbox
# localhost
# alwaysshared

(2) Restart the VNC server, then I can select 2560X1440 resolution:
enter image description here

BTW, I should use x, not * in 2560X1440.

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