I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64bit.

Two years ago I had Windows 7 Ultimate in another language, so I formatted the system and all the old files were not deleted but saved in the folder windows.old.

Then I decided to delete them normally. I remember the exact location and the name of the folder and everything. I just lost the pictures. They were 3000 pics.

I used Recuva and ShadowExplorer but they failed to recover them. It seems like they recover only files from the folders I have AT THE MOMENT in the system.

This is actually a deleted folder with deleted files into the deleted folder.

How do experts do this? I know there must be a way!

  • Long time ago I used a CD called UBCD for Windows and recovered a lot of deleted files. – jcbermu Dec 19 '16 at 14:30

It is highly unlikely to recover your photos cause the hard drive writes new sectors everyday and it is possibly likely to have overwritten the sectors where the folders with the picture you had which it will make it harder for recovery tools to find them or even impossible at some cases .

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