Is there easily way to copy a file from local computer to a virtual machine? I want to copy a file in my local computer which path is "C:/users/local/data.txt" to a virtual machine. I am new for the JVM and linux system, so I want to find a useful method to copy it.

Additional Info: I am using a Windows 10 machine. I connected to a virtual machine through putty.


Here to use FileZilla to manipulate the file, it's easy to do the copy or delete work.

Also it did not need only to use putty, others interface also work in JVM

Here is the link: https://filezilla-project.org/

Remember download the client version, after installment, you can use it:

Picture 1

As I use red link circled button, you can click it to type your IP, name, etc. Remember you need to choose SFTP in the red circled in below picture:

Picture 2

After click OK, then type the password, you can manipulate the file in it,

the left part in Picture 1 shows the files in current local computer and the right part in Picture 1 shows the file in JVM.

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