I like to use on-screen keyboard a lot but there's an annoying problem.

If I use Google Chrome (for example) and minimize it using the on-screen keyboard, then minimize the on-screen keyboard and open another program like notepad (on-screen keyboard should stay focused on notepad ) it maximizes Google Chrome so I have to click on notepad again.

It seems the on-screen keyboard controls the open windows order, and the on-screen keyboard focus sticks on the last window minimize with it instead of focusing on last window when I click on it to maximize.

How do I resolve this?


Was looking for the same thing, stumbled upon this.


Apparently the bug is known at least since 2013. I don't think there's a fix ready.

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I have traced this extremely annoying bug all the way back to Windows XP, so this is in fact now a 17 year old bug that has still not been fixed(!).

This bug is also discussed here, but the thread is locked and you can't discuss this issue any further:


I managed to create a simple fix by loading osk.exe into x64dbg, analyzing what the problem was, and then patching the code using the debugger (see below for instructions).

What is happening is that osk.exe is continuously storing the last active window in order to focus this window when the mouse hovers over OSK, or the user happens to activate OSK. This keeps the focus on the last active window at all times, which ensures that when you type with OSK the input goes where it should.

The problem is osk.exe stops storing the active window when OSK is minimized.

This is the bug.

Now when you restore a minimized OSK it has amnesia, and only remembers the last active window from before it was minimized. So now it will focus this old window, instead of the previous real active window.

The "fix" that I used was to simply prevent OSK from ever forcing any window to become focused. You only have to patch one byte in osk.exe for this fix, and that's why I chose it. Any other patch would have been extremely complicated otherwise.

In x64dbg you simply search for all references to SetForegroundWindow. There are only two calls to this Win32 method. The first reference is the one to patch. There's an instruction push eax just before the call to SetForegroundWindow. Just replace push eax with ret, save to osk.exe, and replace the original osk.exe with this patched version.

x64dbg view of osk.exe

Problem solved.

It's not a 100% solution, because the auto-activate convenience of OSK is lost, but it's still better this way without the original annoyance. The auto-activation can be restored with AutoHotKey instead.

Leave a message here and I will post the script if anyone needs it. With the patch + AHK script, you have a fully working OSK without the annoying original bug.

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