I have a MKV file with 4 MPEG AAC audio streams. I would like to extract one of those streams into a separate audio file, but the “Convert” feature in VLC does not seem to have an option to select the audio stream, and if I proceed, the generated file is not playable.

I’ve tried to google the solution, but I haven’t found any results about multiple audio streams in a single video file.


The best program for singling out audio tracks - or any others - from an MKV container is the freeware MKVtoolnix. You select/deselect the tracks by checkbox ...


I do not know of any official links other than the one above.

I use it on a daily basis and can verify it's ease of use for this type project.

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You can change audio track in VLC Preference menu.

VLC Preference 
      Show All 
          Input Codec 
              Track Setting 
                   Audio Track -1

change -1 to 0 for audio track 1, 1 for audio track 2, save it and do convert as usual.

Don't forget to set -1 again before you quit!

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I believe you can use Handbrake for this.

Download it for your platform at https://handbrake.fr/.

Once installed, click the "Source" button. Select the MKV file. It will load, and in the menus underneath "output settings" you can select audio. A list will come up with what audio tracks you want to want to extract.


Items needed : mkvtoolnix and inviskamkv extract

Install two software above. Next, open inviska and drag the file(s) into that. Finally, select the tracks you want to be extracted and click start :)

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