I am new to Windows powershell. I tried some ad-hoc queries to test the package-providers and their respective providers. So far I managed to install Chocolatey and Nuget.

as shown here

When I try to see the packages available through Nuget, the command does not return anything.


I tried the same command (find-package -provider) with Chocolatey, and this time the list of packages available was sucessfully displayed.

What's wrong with Nuget?

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There is no NuGet option by default when you do a


By default PSGallery and Chocolatey have package sources. NuGet doesn't.

To add NuGet as a package source, you need to run the below.

register-packagesource -Name NuGet -ProviderName NuGet -location https://www.nuget.org/api/v2/

This will then register the package provider NuGet with a package source. When you run

find-package -provider NuGet

You should see the list of packages available.

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5693139/what-is-the-url-for-nuget-gallery-to-access-nuget-org-from-vs2010 discusses other api's to use. I tried the v3 one and it didn't work for me. The v2 worked fine.

It is a bit confusing the way it is implemented.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Tim.

  • The only thing I have to add to this is maybe don't use the Chocolatey prototype provider - wait for the official one to come out. For now it is better to use straight Chocolatey (choco.exe) instead. It even has PowerShell tab completion. Dec 25, 2016 at 5:14
  • Thanks for the answer @TimHaintz ! Unfortunately it didn't work for me :/ The source-package was installed successfully, but the command find-package still doesn't return anything. I am trying to install the sourcepackage using other URLs from the link you provided. I'll keep you posted if it works for me!
    – Njw96
    Dec 25, 2016 at 9:48

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